Instagrammer Behind ‘Baby Back Rat’ Video Has a History of Harassing Asian Restaurant Workers

Instagrammer Behind ‘Baby Back Rat’ Video Has a History of Harassing Asian Restaurant Workers

March 19, 2020
The man behind the “baby back rat” video has been identified and it turns out that he has a history of creating racist content.
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Funny Buzzin (@funnybuzzinhbtl), who identifies himself as a “comedian,” is an Instagram user who creates questionably “funny” and often controversial videos.
Most of his posts follow the same structure: He approaches an Asian restaurant where he places an order of “baby back rat,” cats and other offensive Asian food stereotypes. The man then proceeds to ask why he never sees meat trucks delivering at their restaurant.
“I still NEED A ORDER OF BABY BACK RATS, but Has anyone Ever Seen A Delivery Truck Deliver Meat To a Chinese Restaurant?” he wrote in one of his posts.
It turns out that the creator of the videos has been following the same routine for over a year, using  the same lines every time.
He began the routine back in October 2018. In another video, he approaches a man, makes several offensive orders and mocks the man’s way of speaking.
Last year, Funny Buzzin threw eggs at visitors of the famous “Joker” stairs in New York City in a post.
In the video, the Instagrammer hit someone with an egg. The victim of the harassment spoke up through his social media post, saying that it was a “really bad day” for him, Gotdangtv reported.
The “comedian” also harasses others working at places such as fast-food chains and supermarkets by smoking marijuana inside the stores.
At one point, he tried to get Nick Cannon’s attention with the goal of getting cast in the comedic improvisational show “Wild ‘N Out”.
Similar social media content where Asians are targeted for harassment, discrimination or even acts of violence, some fatal, out of xenophobia and racism have been on the rise since the outbreak of COVID-19 and it’s perceived relation to Asian ethnicities has sparked panic worldwide.
Communities everywhere are urged to look out for one another, especially the elderly, and to help stop instances of violent racism and xenophobia against the Asian American community.
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