Creatives 4 Systemic Change, APOC Host Virtual Designer Fundraiser to Fight Anti-Asian Hate

Creatives 4 Systemic Change, APOC Host Virtual Designer Fundraiser to Fight Anti-Asian Hate
Thy Nguyen
June 23, 2021
Creatives 4 Systemic Change (C4SC) and APOC are hosting a virtual fundraiser showcasing designers, artists and creatives to raise funds for charities benefitting the Asian community. 
Event details: The fundraiser will be volunteer-led, and every dollar raised will be donated to charity. The event will run from June 20-July 4 on the C4SC website featuring over 60 designers, according to AnOther
  • Designers and artists will donate at least one piece towards an online raffle and receive a thank you e-zine for their participation, reported Hypebae. 
  • Participants can pay $7 for a chance to win a mystery item or $14 for one particular item. 
  • The fundraiser has raised $11,500 within its first three days and APOC will be donating an additional $7,000 to the cause.
  • “Last year, we collectively raised $48,000 for Black Trans Causes, so we hope to match a $50,000 goal this year,”  volunteer Leeann Huang told NextShark.
Who’s involved: The participating charities include Awaj Foundation, Hackney Chinese Community Services and the Red Canary Song. The event’s beneficiaries are For the Gworls and HOME by the Ronan McKenzie Grant Program. 
  • The Awaj Foundation focuses on fair treatment and pay for garment workers, the Hackney Chinese Community Services was founded by local Chinese residents to “meet the needs and support the welfare of the local community,” and the Red Canary Song is a grassroots massage worker coalition that helps migrant sex workers. 
  • A C4SC spokesperson told AnOther that they want to keep the event “simple” but shift “the main focus to the anti-Asian hate crimes that have been ongoing during the spread of Covid.” 
  • APOC co-founders Ying Suen and Jules Volleberg alongside C4SC plan to host an annual event to “continue advocating for important social and political causes.” 
  • “Asian people are an integral part of the fashion industry from concept to production and sales. Asian people make up a majority of production staff and are the fastest-growing population of consumers, so it’s great our design community, which consists of a huge diversity of backgrounds, want to collectively donate their personal work and show support,” said Huang.
Featured Image Via C4SC x APOC Designer Fundraiser
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