No One is Brave Enough for Ice Cream That Tastes Like the World’s Smelliest Sushi


A type of Japanese sushi known for its pungent odor is getting an ice cream treatment. 


Aged several years: Funazushi, a special type of sushi that uses heavily fermented fish as its main ingredient, is now an ice cream flavor in Japan.

Kida Yasuo (CC BY 2.0)
  • Funazushi gets its strong odor from the age of the fish, which is consumed years after being caught and preserved in salt.
  • A specialty of Shiga Prefecture, funazushi is made by covering fish in salt and then leaving it to age in wooden barrels. After a year, the fish is removed, mixed with rice and then set aside for two to three more years.
  • Preparation for funazushi is said to be similar to how sushi was first made hundreds of years ago when modern commercial fishing and refrigeration have yet to exist.
  • The fermentation process involves the breaking down of the fish meat as it decays over the years.
  • The outcome is a strong smell and flavor that earned it the nickname “stinkiest sushi in the world.”
  • Despite its notoriety to assault the senses, funazushi has gained prominence in fine dining and is now considered as a luxurious dish.

A Tokyo treat: According to SoraNews, Koko Shiga Soft Cream sells the funazushi flavor in Tokyo for 400 Japanese yen ($3.78).


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  • Other flavors available include Matcha, Hojicha and the plain variant.
  • The ice cream is served with a monaka wafer shaped like a fish.
  • Those who tried the ice cream note that the pungent odor of the fermented fish has been largely subdued by the sweet scent of the ice cream.
  • Even the flavor reportedly managed to blend well with the ice cream, with the author exclaiming: “We were relieved that the amount of funazushi used was perfectly suited to the ice cream, creating a delicious flavor that makes us understand why a lot of people pay high prices to enjoy fermented sushi.”

Feature image via Great Big Story

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