Tourists Can Now Fly With ‘Kung Fu’ Moves at Attraction in Fujian, China


A tourist attraction site in Fujian Province, China is giving visitors a chance to experience flying kung fu.

The tourist attraction, located in Youxi County in Fujian, lets its customers waltz through the air and perform mesmerizing stunts like in the old kung fu soap operas of Chinese entertainment, according to Shanghaiist.


Set in the backdrop of a breathtaking waterfall, scenic forest and majestic mountains, customers can dress up as their favorite Wuxia characters and fly using harnesses and wires.

Watch the mesmerizing video as visitors dress in flowing ancient garb, take a few running gallops and are launched into the air with wires and handlers helping, striking classic kung fu poses as they revel in the cinematic experience.

It is unclear how much the attraction costs, although the experience itself seems to be priceless.

Feature Image Screenshot via South China Morning Post

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