Fu Yuanhui Struggles to Contain Herself Shaking the Chinese President’s Hand

The Chinese Olympic delegation that took home an impressive medal haul of 70 Olympic medals from Rio earlier this month met with top Chinese officials to commemorate their accomplishments on Thursday.   

Amid the hundreds of athletes present, everyone’s favorite Fu Yuanhui stole the scene at the ceremony held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with her signature facial expressions.

Fu’s unmistakable genuine excitement as China’s president Xi Jinping approached her during the ceremonial shaking of hands is just a sight to behold.

Based on Fu’s priceless reaction when she finally shook hands with Xi ‘Dada’ Jingping, she will probably be reliving the historical moment for as long as she lives.


According to Sina (via Shanghaiist), Fu later announced to her millions of Weibo followers how she felt: 

“I really couldn’t control myself. It’s too exciting. I won’t wash my hands. I won’t wash my hands.”


Fu was also commended for being a positive role model to her fellow athletes in a speech by State General Administration of Sports Director Liu Peng.

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