Fugitive Malaysian Billionaire Allegedly Bought Kim Kardashian a $325,000 White Ferrari

Fugitive Malaysian Billionaire Allegedly Bought Kim Kardashian a $325,000 White FerrariFugitive Malaysian Billionaire Allegedly Bought Kim Kardashian a $325,000 White Ferrari
Carl Samson
September 14, 2018
Jho Low, the fugitive Malaysian billionaire suspected of
The buzz comes from an unidentified source who told RadarOnline of a “very wealthy Malaysian businessman” who gave a “$325k wedding gift” to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in 2011 before their divorce.
“Kris wants a divorce trial so that the truth can finally come out — amongst other matters, he wants to know about a $325k wedding gift that the couple got from a very wealthy Malaysian businessman that attended the wedding,” the source said.
If the gift was indeed Low’s Ferrari — and stolen from the Malaysian people’s money — Kardashian may need to give it up to the Department of Justice, as Kerr did with $8 million of diamond jewelry.
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The source continued speaking about the divorce trial:
“Kris was at Kim’s house when the very gift was delivered — it was given to both of them but Kim has kept sole ownership of the gift and has used it extensively. She will be asked about it, under oath, on the stand at the trial.
“Kris’ attorneys also plan on calling the Malaysian gift giver as a witness because Kim has denied that they received the $325k gift and said instead that he gave them a vase valued at around $200. The man is a billionaire, there is no way he would have given them a vase and Kris has proof that the businessman gave them the over the top gift.”
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In the wake of the report, unnamed sources told Page Six that the “Malaysian gift giver” was Jho Low.
Low is seen as a central figure in the infamous 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal, which allegedly involved financial “irregularities” and money laundering in at least 10 countries, including the U.S.
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According to Page Six, Kardashian was spotted arriving at a dinner in a white Ferrari last month, but switched to a lime-green Lamborghini “to match her hair color” on her way home.
It’s unclear if she’s still driving the car to date.
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Meanwhile, Low is on the lam and believed to be hiding somewhere in China. A new book about his alleged exploits, titled “Billion Dollar Whale,” is now available to purchase.
Featured Images via Twitter / @jho_low (Left) and Instagram / @kimkardashian (Right)
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