China’s Most Lovable Olympian Heads to Shanghai Disneyland After Returning From Rio

After winning the hearts of everyone at the Rio Olympics, Chinese athlete Fu Yuanhui decided to take a much needed vacation by visiting the newly-opened Disneyland in Shanghai.

Fu documented her trip on Weibo, China’s equivalent for Twitter. She was instantly recognized by fans and didn’t mind meeting them herself. Fans expressed their excitement online after meeting the star athlete.

“You are officially my QUEEN,” Weibo user @傅圆慧o_oO wrote.

When asked by fans about her future career plans, she related her life to Disney. She wrote on Weibo (translated by Shanghaiist):

“I watched Lion King when I was a kid and loved the movie, literally watching it once a day. This is because I always thought of myself as a lion, and my dream was to one day have ferocious teeth like a lion. Like Simba, I will face many obstacles and hardships in life, but i will also meet friends and mentors in the process. Ultimately, I will become the King in my country.”

h/t: Shanghaiist

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