Frustrated Manager Poisons Employee for Slacking Off in Japan

Frustrated Manager Poisons Employee for Slacking Off in JapanFrustrated Manager Poisons Employee for Slacking Off in Japan
Carl Samson
May 15, 2017
Instead of calling attention to or, at most, firing his underperforming part-time employee, a 30-year-old bar manager in Japan chose to utilize the punishing wonders of poison.
The twisted act of reprimand occurred on November 9 at the manager’s bar in Himeji City, Hyōgo Prefecture at around 10:30 in the evening.
According to Asahi Shimbun, the manager served a rice bowl to one of his employees, who most likely was delighted at his generosity.
But little did the employee, a 20-year-old university student, know that the delicious-looking bowl contained seeds of the datura plant, which also goes by the notorious moniker “devil’s trumpet.”
The employee did not immediately feel the symptoms of his manager’s trick. He ate the bowl, went home and slept. It was the following morning when he felt stupefied and unable to do his daily tasks. As a result, he was rushed to a hospital where he had to recover for a week.
Signs and symptoms of datura poisoning include dryness of the mouth, dilated pupils, convulsions, delirium and urinary retention, among others. Death by datura poisoning is preceded by irregular heartbeats and respiratory depression, according to a study published in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.
The bar owner called the police after the manager’s confession, SoraNews24 noted. During the investigation, the manager argued that he poisoned the employee as he was unsatisfied with his lack of hustle. He purchased the seeds online.
Despite his obvious intent to harm, the manager simply received a probation of three years. Only when he attempts to poison another person during this period will he ensure his place behind bars.
Feature Image via Wikimedia Commons / Harry Rose (CC BY 2.0)
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