Fruit Vendor Gives Away $5,000 Worth of Durian to Celebrate His Birthday in Singapore

A durian vendor in Singapore opted to be the one giving gifts on his birthday instead of receiving them.

According to AsiaOne, Yap Kean Seng celebrated his 65th birthday by giving away mounds of durian fruit weighing about 300 kilograms (661 pounds) in total. The estimated cost of his fruit giveaway is somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000. Needless to say, this is a staggering amount of spiky fruit, not to mention the cost of these fruits which could net Seng a small fortune.

However, Seng has garnered so much support from his loyal customers that he decided to give his durians away despite having a poor harvest of the fruit this year. “They always show their support for me,” Seng explained.

So I try my best to give back to them,” the birthday celebrant added.

Seng’s giveaway mechanics were simple — customers who have what he refers to as a “loyalty card” are eligible to receive a whole box of durians for free. These spiky fruit freebies should be consumed at his store. Those without loyalty cards aren’t completely out of the picture since purchasing a box of durians could immediately nab them one.

The 65-year-old wanted nothing more for his birthday wish than to “be healthy” and for his customers, as well as everyone else, to “be happy” and “live in bliss.” Seng’s supporters even gave him a birthday cake and also prepared him a birthday celebration song as well.

Most of Seng’s friends and customers know him as “Durian Seng”, and they extend their help and support to him by not buying durian from stores other than his.

Images via Stomp/AsiaOne

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