This Seemingly Simple Children’s Brain Teaser is Dividing the Entire Internet

A seemingly simple brainteaser has netizens bending their brains trying to figure out the tricky answer.

The “fruit algebra” riddle posted by Facebook user Lisa Woelke has since been shared nearly 160,000 times and commented on by almost 2.3 million people.

While the answer may seem obvious at first, there’s more to the puzzle you probably missed.

For the answer to the puzzle, scroll down past the GIFS.

In the first line, the three apples add up to 30. Thirty divided by three equals 10, and so each apple is worth 10.

In the second line, an apple and two banana bunches are 18. That means each banana is worth four.

The third line shows that a banana bunch minus a coconut is 2, so a coconut equals 2.

The fourth line asks what a coconut (2) plus an apple (10) and a banana bunch (4) equal. The answer seems obvious: 14.

But not so fast! The banana bunch in the third line only includes three bananas — the others have four individual bananas each — so the banana bunch in the fourth line is only worth three.

In total, the coconut plus the apple and banana bunch (with only three bananas) equals 15.

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