Chinese Frontliner Dumps MASSIVE Amount of Sweat From Suit During Break


Incredible footage reportedly showing a sweat-soaked medical frontliner in China has become widely shared on social media. 


Sacrifice: In the viral clip, a female health worker in Xinjiang can be seen removing her protective suit, unleashing an unbelievable amount of sweat on the ground.

  • The video was filmed as the medical worker was taking a break from her shift on Saturday at a hospital in Urumqi, according to MailOnline.
  • Since mid-July over 500 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus in Xinjiang.
  • In response to the health crisis, local authorities imposed strict measures, carrying out mass testing on the local population, reported the BBC.
  • Medical staff in the region have since been working tirelessly to fight COVID-19, an effort which was made more unbearable by the summer heat, local media reported.
  • On August 8, the day the video was shot, the temperature in the area was around 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hailed as heroes: On Chinese social media, the video of the sweat-soaked health worker has sparked support and admiration from the public, state media People’s Daily reports.

  • Many hailed the particular worker as a hero and cheered on the other frontliners for their sacrifice during the pandemic. 
  • “This has brought me to tears. Thank you all for working so hard, our angels!” one user wrote. 
  • “Oh my god, this is shocking! All the medical staff are our true heroes!” says another Weibo user.
  • “The summer is so hot and they are wearing so many layers. It’s unimaginable how hard it must be. Thank you!” another said. 

Feature Image via AP & TS Entertainment

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