Fromis_9 opens up summer memories in new mini-album ‘From Our Memento Box’

Fromis_9 opens up summer memories in new mini-album ‘From Our Memento Box’Fromis_9 opens up summer memories in new mini-album ‘From Our Memento Box’
K-pop girl group Fromis_9 is back for the summer with their fifth mini-album, “
Aside from “Stay This Way,” the mini-album includes four other tracks: “Up And,” “Blind Letter,” “Cheese” and “Rewind.” This newest album set a new personal record for the nine members, selling 160,000 pre-order copies. 
Unfortunately, promotions for their summer album will be limited. Pledis Entertainment released a statement on June 26 that five members — Ji-heon, who recently returned to the group from a four-month mental health hiatus, Jiwon, Chaeyoung, Seoyeon and Hayoung — had been in a car accident on Saturday evening. None of the members or staff passengers involved sustained serious injuries. The album has been released as scheduled, but the media and fan showcase planned with it have been canceled.
The statement from Pledis Entertainment reads: “Song Hayoung, Park Jiwon, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, and Baek Ji-heon were in a car accident on Saturday, June 25. Fortunately, the injury of the members and other passengers in the car was not serious, and they were all immediately taken to the emergency room for medical examination and treatment.” 
The statement also contains details about the doctor’s examination.
“These five members got a more thorough examination on Sunday, June 26. They were advised by doctors that they should continue to receive medical treatment for their muscle pain and bruises, although they have been confirmed to have no fractures. Doctors also provided opinions that the members’ physical condition should be attentively monitored and they should refrain from increasing the amount of activities more than necessary for the next few days.”
“Our company has decided to respect and follow the advice from the medical staff to place the members’ speedy recovery as a top priority and adjust the group’s future activities and schedule accordingly.”
Pledis said that flexibility will be given to the five members’ schedules and activities, prioritizing their health and recovery. 
Fromis_9’s “From our Memento Box” is their second mini-album of 2022, having released “Midnight Guest” last January.
The group debuted in January 2018 and was formed through the reality singing show “Idol School.” They originally were under Stone Music Entertainment but have since been transferred to Pledis. 
Featured Image via Pledis Entertainment 
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