Japan Has the Most Adorable Pest Problems on Their Vending Machines

Small frogs have settled on the change levers of multiple vending machines in Japan, sparking discussions among curious netizens.

On Aug. 25, Twitter user @Yu___EKkozo shared a picture of a vending machine with three tiny frogs hanging out around its change lever.

“I’m sorry to bother, but I’d like to get my change,” @Yu___EKkozo wrote.

@Yu___EKkozo’s tweet has since gone viral, receiving more than 31,000 likes and 10,000 retweets.

Interestingly, a number of users replied with similar pictures, indicating that the situation is more widespread than @Yu___EKkozo thought.

Whatever makes change levers an ideal chill spot for these amphibians is unclear, but netizens are speculating various reasons.

Some claim that the frogs are attracted to temperatures around the levers, which must be cooler than those on the ground.

Others believe that the frogs are waiting for small bugs drawn to the vending machines as they stay lit at night.

Regardless of an accurate explanation, retrieving change can be challenging when tiny amphibians can’t be bothered.

The rest are simply floored at the strange phenomenon:

“Why do they all love these vending machines so much?”

“Why do they stubbornly stay there and continue resistance to humanity?”

“This requires courage.”

“Maybe pick it up, put it on your palm, lower the lever and put it back?”

“If you wait, will the change automatically come out?”

Featured Images: Twitter / @Yu___EKkozo, @Chu_Tako_E, and @raimei101

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