Japanese Inventor Creates the Most Incredible Steampunk Gun You’ve Ever Seen

Japanese YouTuber FRISK_P, the creator of many steampunk-inspired gadgets, is back at it again with an occult gun that lets you channel the mystic arts through holographic lights.

The occult gun, which is arguably FRISK_P’s best gadget to date, shoots out mystical glyphs that an alchemist might use in “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” or something a practitioner of the mystical arts would summon.

Perhaps the gun could be used to open a door to the astral plane?

The special effects of this impressive gadget are not CGI, however. The YouTuber went into detail about how someone can build a similar device.

First, you’ll need to get a Phantom, which is developed by startup Life is Style, as translated by SoraNews24.

This item has the same concept behind the gadget used in FRISK_P’s steampunk watch. While it may look cool, not everyone can get their hands on a Phantom.

The company did not disclose the exact price of the Phantom, which means you’ll have to contact Life is Style directly. But the startup caters to high-rollers such as event organizers and other professionals.

Next, you will need a toy gun that acts as the body of your steampunk mystic arts shooter.

You will then need a 3D printer, which is used to create the mount for the Phantom on your base gun.

For the holographic design that the Phantom will project, FRISK_P noted that you can use a free software called Nive2.

She advised starting with Nive2 because it would only cost a bit of your time before getting on board with this project.

Despite the well-detailed instructions, some fans still could not believe that the effects were not CG or augmented reality. Here are what some commenters wrote:


It really feels like it’s coming out when you pull the trigger.”

Get out! Is that real?!”

That’s just awesome and I want it.”

I want that so freaking bad.”


Images via YouTube / フリスクP

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