Maskless Woman Goes on a Racist, Homophobic Rant on Asian Mom and Daughter in California

Maskless Woman Goes on a Racist, Homophobic Rant on Asian Mom and Daughter in California

October 12, 2020
A mother and her daughter recently endured multiple racist attacks from a woman in their neighborhood in Fremont, California.
An onslaught of slurs: The victim, named Theresa, narrated the encounter to ABC7 News, saying the woman verbally abused her and her 10-year-old child multiple times in one day.
  • The woman reportedly introduced herself before asking her invasive questions.
  • Theresa shared that the woman wanted to know if she was a renter of the property they were living in.
  • In a video shared by reporter Dion Lim, the woman can be seen charging at Theresa, who was recording the encounter.
  • The woman can be heard screaming “Go back to China!” multiple times. 
  • Theresa and her daughter are both Asian but not Chinese.
  • As the woman got closer, Theresa asked her to stop because she was not wearing a mask.
  • “This is just 1 of 3 racist rants Theresa & her 10-year old daughter were subjected to in their Fremont neighborhood yesterday,” Lim wrote.
Keeping her composure: Commenters on the video condemned the woman’s actions and commended Theresa for keeping calm throughout the ordeal.
  • “I’m amazed at how calm Theresa handled the situation,” one user wrote.
  • According to Lim, Theresa stayed cool to set a good example for her daughters.
  • Theresa is now encouraging other victims of such discrimination to share their stories.
  • “We should have a productive and positive conversation about what’s going on so we can facilitate change,” she said.
  • Fremont Mayor Lily Mei, who condemned the incident on her own Facebook account, told Lim how dismayed she was at the “lack of respect and kindness in this abhorrent behavior.”
  • Meanwhile, Fremont police have dismissed categorizing the incident as a hate crime as “no threat or violent act was committed.”
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