Fremont City Council Candidate’s Campaign Sign Vandalized in ‘Possible Hate Crime’

Fremont City Council Candidate’s Campaign Sign Vandalized in ‘Possible Hate Crime’Fremont City Council Candidate’s Campaign Sign Vandalized in ‘Possible Hate Crime’
Fremont City Council candidate Justin Sha’s vandal case is now being looked at as a “possible hate crime” by the authorities after unnamed suspects drew swastikas on the politician’s campaign sign.
The vandalism happened on Wednesday when Sha, who is running for the District 4 seat in Fremont City, California, was informed about one of his campaign signs being defaced with a backwards swastika drawn on his forehead along with devil horns.
Two nights ago, on my personal Facebook page, I wrote a post about many of my yard signs being removed and replaced with my opponent’s,” Sha wrote on his Facebook post on October 12.
“Last night, my banners in the Mission area were defaced. I was informed by private property owners this morning.
“P.S. drawing a swastika on my forehead is not only trespass to chattels, but also a criminally prosecutable **hate crime**”
After learning of this incident through a Facebook post, the Fremont Police Department officially launched an investigation and the case was later brought to the attention of Chief Kimberly Petersen and the Command Staff.
Fremont is over 50 percent immigrant, so it is deeply troubling that it is happening here. In many ways, we are supposed to be a model for other parts of America, said Sha, who was “very shocked” after seeing the swastika drawn on his forehead in the campaign said, according to The Mercury News.
He then relayed a message to the culprit behind the hate crime vandalism by pointing out that the person wanted other candidates to win.
My message would be to ask yourself whether you would like what was done to me done to you or your own family members. You clearly want someone else to win, and that’s fine,” he said. “But do you have to use a universally abhorred symbol of hate to get your message across? If you disagree with my ideas, then let’s discuss so we can come up with better ones. But don’t weaponize the pain and suffering of others to do it.”
Images via Facebook / Justin4Fremont
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