‘Freegans’ in Singapore Are Now Eating People’s Leftover Food at Restaurants

‘Freegans’ in Singapore Are Now Eating People’s Leftover Food at Restaurants‘Freegans’ in Singapore Are Now Eating People’s Leftover Food at Restaurants
Singaporean netizens have been expressing their collective bewilderment and disgust over a person’s claims that he ate a stranger’s leftovers at a restaurant. 
Luo Yonghui sparked a debate online after sharing a post on the Facebook group SG Food Rescue, revealing how he ate the leftovers from a stranger’s plate at a coffee shop.
Using a clean set of utensils Yonghui, said he ended “not spending anything and satisfied.”
Most of the commenters’ reacted with disbelief:
Others, however, expressed concern about how unsanitary it is to eat someone else’s food.
There were those who compared his antics to the work of Daniel Tay, who started the “freegan” movement in Singapore in a bid to reduce waste.
“Freegans,” like Tay, reject consumerism and help reduce waste by searching for salvageable food from the dumpsters.
In response to the reactions to Yonghui’s post, Tay acknowledged that not everyone in the SG Food Rescue group is a freegan and eating a stranger’s leftovers might be outside some people’s comfort zones.
A Facebook user named Luc Tai had earlier sparked social media conversation about the topic after he posted a photo of some food he found left behind by a couple after their meal:
The post caught the attention of Yonghui, who then asked Tai if he went in to finish the food instead of letting it go to waste. Many reacted negatively to Yonghui’s question, thinking he was making a rude joke.
In response, Yonghui shared his understanding of the “freegan” lifestyle and how he intends to embrace it soon.
The “Freegan” co-founder also posted a comment acknowledging that he, himself, would have eaten the food left behind.
Featured image via Facebook / SG Food Rescue
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