Fox Just Aired an Insanely RACIST Segment Mocking of Sikh Indians

Fox Just Aired an Insanely RACIST Segment Mocking of Sikh Indians
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
January 4, 2018
Fox has come under fire after Desi-American rapper Heems exposed an offensive segment in “Whacked Out Sports” that made fun of Sikhs while pulling off a fake accent.
Heems, or Himanshu Kumar Suri, shared the clip from the show on his Instagram.
The segment depicted Holla Mohalla, a sacred Sikh festival commemorating the religion’s martial history. It also marks the beginning of the Sikh New Year.
Started by the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, the festival reminds followers of valor and defense preparedness. In essence, it is celebrated to reaffirm fraternity, as per All About Sikhs.
“Whacked Out Sports” zoomed in on a Nihang, a “saint soldier” showcasing feats from Gatka, the martial art of the Sikhs.
The segment quickly went downhill as narrator Tom Gottlieb made disparaging comments about the Sikh religion and went on with a mock translation of the Nihang’s Punjabi interview in “standard brownface pseudo accent,” according to 1Des Daily News.
“But the star of the show has to be Jagdish Namshir, but you can call him ‘The Turban Cowboy.’”
“Yo, yo, yo. Where my bitches at? It’s the Turban Cowboy.”
“Two horse power of love muscle. One night with me and it’s, ‘Thank you, see you real soon.’”
In his now-defunct Instagram post, Heems captioned the clip, “racism still alive they jus b concealin it.”
Many were immediately furious:
“Good god is this real?”
“Lol but f**ked up.”
“Oh for f**k’s sake…the fake accent, the commentary…the white foolishness gone amuck here.”
Check out the segment via 1Des Daily News and let us know what you think about it!
Featured Image via Fox 5
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