Plastic Surgeon Proves ‘Fox Eye’ Trend Was Sparked By Asian Features on TikTok

Plastic Surgeon Proves ‘Fox Eye’ Trend Was Sparked By Asian Features on TikTok

December 18, 2020
A cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California has proven that “fox eyes,” indeed, were inspired by Asian features.
The trend, which went viral earlier this year, uses makeup to create the illusion of almond-shaped eyes, supposedly mimicking those of a fox.
Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Megan Fox popularized the trend, but it did not sit well among the Asian and Asian American communities.
The trend, they say, overlooks the discrimination faced by members of the community, who naturally have almond-shaped eyes.
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“Fox eyes” are not only achieved through makeup, however. It can be achieved permanently through plastic surgery.
Dr. Charles S. Lee, whose work has been featured on various TV programs, proves that the trend is inspired by Asian features.
In a TikTok video this week, he reveals that the “fox eye” surgery, or corono-canthopexy, was developed 50 years ago by another plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Flowers, in Honolulu.
“He [Flowers] loved the exotic look he obtained by tilting the eyelids up and lifting the brows,” Lee says. “He was inspired by the aesthetics of the Asian eye in Hawaii.”
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In a climactic twist, Lee reveals that he knew about it because he and Flowers actually worked together. He shows a younger photo of himself and his work partner in their scrub suits to prove his claim.
In the comments, Lee shared that he joined Flowers well after the latter invented the surgery. He added that Flowers had retired 15 years ago.
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While debates on whether or not “fox eyes” are racist are likely to continue, we now know that the surgical procedure to achieve them is inspired by Asian features.
“Saving this for future arguments,” one user commented.
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