Former Stray Kids member Kim Woo-jin to lead upcoming HBO Max original series set in Brazil

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Image: KIM WOOJIN 김우진 ‘Still Dream’ Official MV
  • Kim Woo-jin, a former member of K-pop boy group Stray Kids, will be HBO Max’s first-ever Korean lead for an upcoming series called “Alem do Guarda-Roupa” (“Beyond the Wardrobe.”)
  • The fantasy-romance series centers around a teenage girl named Carol who finds Kim’s character Kyung-min, a prickly member of a fictional boy group called Act, via a magic portal in a closet.
  • Carol is played by Korean Brazilian actor Sharon Blanche.
  • The series is scheduled for release sometime next year.
  • Kim left the JYP Entertainment boy group Stray Kids in 2019 and was later accused by several women online of sexual harassment. Kim and his agency 10x Entertainment deny all allegations and are conducting investigations.

Kim Woo-jin, a former member of K-pop boy band Stray Kids, will lead in HBO Max’s original series “Alem do Guarda-Roupa” (“Beyond the Wardrobe”) set in São Paulo, Brazil. This makes Kim the first Korean actor in a lead role for an HBO Max series. 

The fantasy-romance series is about a teenage girl named Carol, played by Korean Brazilian actor Sharon Blanche, who finds a portal in a closet that leads her to Kim’s character, a grouchy K-pop idol named Kyung-min from the fictional boy group Act.

HBO Max Brazil’s official Twitter account tweeted several details last week about the upcoming series, including its cast members, plot and images from the show. The cast also includes Jin Kwon as Dae-ho, Jae Chan as Chul and Lee Min Wook as Mok, who make up the other members of the Act boy group. 

Kim’s agency 10x Entertainment tweeted a notice on Friday saying the actor is safely filming with the production team in Brazil. 

“Kim Woojin is staying in Brazil safely with 10x Entertainment staff. And he is filming safely under the protection of the film production company. We would like to appreciate to the CUBS for various information [sic].”

Coinciding with the agency’s tweet, Kim posted photos on his Instagram from Brazil and uploaded a vlog Q&A for fans on his YouTube channel. In the video, Kim says the fictional boy group in the series reminds him of his debut days with Stray Kids. 

Kim is expected to return to Korea in June, with the series scheduled for release next year. HBO Max also has plans to launch its platform services in South Korea later this year.

In September 2020, Kim was accused online by several women of sexual harassment. Kim and 10x Entertainment denied the allegations and have ongoing investigations into the claims. 

Kim left Stray Kids and JYP Entertainment in 2019.

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