Thai former OnlyFans creator claims monk sexually harassed him, wanted to film porn

monk sexually harasses man
  • A former OnlyFans creator claimed that he was sexually harassed by a monk at his clothing store in a shopping mall located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
  • The monk allegedly approached the former actor, who goes by Graf, and declared that he was the man’s biggest fan on Tuesday at around 7 p.m.
  • Graf claimed that the monk asked to touch his hands and body as well and stated that he brought a camera to create pornographic content.
  • The former actor uploaded a video of the monk on TikTok and asked viewers for help in tracking him down.

According to a former OnlyFans creator, a monk in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, allegedly came into his clothing store and sexually harassed him.

The man, who goes by Graf, uploaded a video of the monk on TikTok with the caption: “If you know this monk or this man, please contact me. I’m looking for him because he tried to harass me.”

@graf19มีใครพอจะรู้จักหรือเคยเห็นบุคคลแต่งกายคล้ายพระในคลิปนี้บ้างทักหาผมหน่อยครับ กำลังตามหาบุคคลในคลิปเนื่องจาก บุคคลในคลิปพยายามเข้ามาลวนลามผม♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Alano’Graf Steph

After realizing that he was being recorded, the monk begins shouting at Graf.

“Taking a video for what?” the monk says.

The incident allegedly occurred on Tuesday around 7 p.m. at Graf’s clothing store, which is located in the shopping mall Terminal 21 Korat.

Graf claimed that while he was perusing his store, the monk approached him and asked if he was an OnlyFans creator. When Graf confirmed he had starred in gay adult content shared on the platform, the monk allegedly expressed joy while declaring that he is one of Graf’s biggest fans.

The monk then purportedly asked for a photo with Graf and if he could touch his hands and body. Graf says he explained to the monk that he had stopped creating OnlyFans content nine months ago to focus on his clothing business and did not want to talk about it any further.

However, according to Graf, the monk did not stop and continued to ask for advice on how to create an OnlyFans account and edit pornographic videos. The monk also allegedly brought his camera with him to film pornographic content. 

One man commented on Graf’s video and explained that he had allegedly encountered the same monk while at a bus terminal in Khon Kaen province. The man claimed that the monk used sexually explicit language, attempted to touch him and stalked him into a public restroom. When the man shouted for help, the monk purportedly disappeared.


Featured Image via TikTok

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