Foreigners Set Up a Table to Eat in Shanghai Metro, Locals Angry Over Double Standards

A photo of foreigners feasting in the middle of a Shanghai Metro carriage is making many Chinese locals upset over supposed double standards.

Chinese netizens reacted to a photo that was posted on Weibo showing a group of foreigners who were eating while aboard a metro carriage – complete with a mini table set up.

A reporter talked to a metro train official and confirmed that the incident did in fact happen but because there are no formal laws, the act is not legally binding and the foreigners were not given any penalties or punishment.

According to Shanghaiist, the Shanghai Metro asks passengers not to eat or talk loudly while on the train, which the foreigners clearly ignored. Many Chinese netizens feel that foreigners are regarded as more superior than locals and that the case would have been different if a local would have done the same.

“If this were Chinese passengers pigging out on the subway, then they would be shamed to death,” said one online user.

Lawmakers wanted to introduce regulations that ban eating and drinking in the metro but because of public resistance, the plan was dismissed in 2013.

Perhaps, they might want to consider this idea once again.

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