Foreigners Harass Older Commuters on Hong Kong’s Subway, Get the Beat Down of Their Life

A trio of foreign men in China learned the hard way not to harass Chinese people on the subway in Hong Kong.

In a clip taken by a witness at approximately 10:30 p.m. Three men, who were of Indian descent and appeared drunk, broke out into a verbal altercation with a nearby family after bumping into the girlfriend of a man surnamed Tam.

The trio apparently did not apologize and proceeded to provoke the family. Tam yelled at the trio in English to leave, but they allegedly became aggressive and slapped Tam. One of the family members, who was 53-years-old, was hit by a wine bottle and required stitches.

Commuters eventually came to help apprehend the perpetrators. At least one of the men was beaten to the ground while another was chased, kicked, and pulled to the ground by his hair where his beating continued.

At one point in the clip, one of the foreigners is seen struggling as at least five locals pinned him to the floor.

The three brothers, surnamed Singh, aged 19 to 24, were all arrested by police — they suffered various minor injuries. The Chinese family of eight sustained head, face and neck injuries and were sent to a nearby hospital.

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