Foreigners Anger Taiwanese Netizens After Sunbathing in the Middle of the Street

Netizens were outraged after a video showing two male westerners sunbathing on a busy street in Chenghua, Taiwan surfaced on the internet.

The male foreigners, who only wore shorts and laid down towels on the busy street, were filmed by passers-by at around 4 p.m. on Sunday, according to SET News via South China Morning Post. It was unclear what these were up to exactly when they did it, but some netizens speculated that it was a prank or a bet.

They might have done it because they lost a bet,” one person wrote on social media.

While this may be the case for some, other netizens did not actually find the stunt to be funny and continued to warn those who will come to the area to be cautious.

People riding and driving on the road should be careful as foreigners are sunbathing there,” another social media user said.

There are also those who jokingly said that these foreigners might have just made a mistake thinking that the street is a beach in Hawaii.

Local authorities eventually saw the circulating photographs of the sunbathing foreigners on the internet. After seeing the clip and pictures, they immediately went to the location to investigate only to find out that the men had already left the scene before they could arrive.

However, if they ever manage to find the foreigners, they would most likely face a small fine of 300 New Taiwan Dollars ($9.74).

Featured image via UDN

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