Foreigner Shoplifts Tea in Japan For the Most Hilarious Reason Ever

A foreigner in Japan was recently caught stealing tea at a Japanese convenience store. Twitter user @domoboku witness the drama unfold after he walked into the store and saw the store clerk and the man arguing.

The non-Japanese Asian man had been drinking a bottle of tea he grabbed form the shelf without paying for it. This prompted a heated argument where the man eventually shouted “What did I do that was wrong?”


@domoboku then took a quick look at the exact type of tea the foreigner had been drinking and quickly noticed the misunderstanding.

The tea is called “Free Tea,” which is a product by Pokka Sapporo, a Japanese beverage company. It was given such a name because it contain GABA extract, which apparently has relaxation properties. The tea is sold as ““The beverage encouraging that people be free from a stress-filled society,” according to RocketNews24. It uses the Japanese word kaihouwhich means “free/liberate”.

“It’s written right there on the label, so let me have it!” the accused shoplifter said. After he was told that “Free Tea” was simply the brand name, he said “Then the store should change the label!”

— どーも僕です。(どもぼく) (@domoboku) October 28, 2016

In a Twitter post, @domoboku noticed the humorous irony of the entire situation.

“This tea ended up causing a stressful problem for both a traveler who came all the way to Japan and an honest shopkeeper,” he wrote. “How ironic that it’s supposed to be ‘The beverage encouraging that people be free from a stress-filled society.’”


Source: RocketNews24

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