Foreign Tourist Poses Naked on Sacred ‘Penis Rock’ in Thailand, Angers Locals

Foreign Tourist Poses Naked on Sacred ‘Penis Rock’ in Thailand, Angers Locals
Ryan General
March 14, 2018
An unidentified female tourist has sparked outrage in Thailand after images of her naked body rubbing against a sacred, penis-shaped rock formation went viral.
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The blonde woman had apparently thought it was a good idea to strip naked and rub herself against Hin Ta – or Grandfather Rock – on the vacation island of Koh Samui.
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The 12 ft-high phallic rock found at the end of Hat Lamai beach is believed by locals to house the spirit of an old man. It is found next to the smaller rock formation called Hin Yai– which resembles the female genitalia.
Residents found the woman’s action to be disrespectful and are now demanding that authorities arrest her and make her publicly apologize for it, MailOnline reports.
According to a popular legend, an elderly couple once sailed to the island in hopes of proposing a marriage on behalf of their son. However, a storm capsized their boat causing them to lose their dowry in the waters.
via Wikimedia Commons/Dirk Enthoven (CC BY 3.0)
The thought of bringing shame for turning up without anything proved too much for the couple who decided to drown themselves in the sea. The pair would later re-emerge as two male and female rocks on the island.
via Wikimedia Commons/Ahoerstemeier (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
“The rock is very special and represent our island. It is an insult to do this to it,” a local was quoted as saying.
“Nobody should be naked in public here. That’s offensive,” another resident opined. “The police need to find her and prosecute her. It will warn other people not to disrespect the island.”
While the local government has placed warning signs on the beach, tourists occasionally defy the restrictions by climbing or posing next to the revered rocks.
Thai police have confirmed that they are already investigating the incident and in search of the unknown woman.
Feature image via The Sun
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