Foreign Models Changing in Public Cause Old Men to Investigate in China

Foreign models who were staging a Victoria’s Secret-esque photoshoot in a square in Binzhou, Shandong Province caught the attention of onlookers, especially older men.

The foreign models pitched a tent in the public square for wardrobe changes, but it wasn’t big enough to allow all the models to change inside in private.

Initially, the models appeared not to mind, however locals, most of which were elderly men, gawked as the models changed from one lingerie costume to another. Some of them even snapped photos, Shanghaiist reported.

One model who also happened to speak Chinese turned to the bystanders and asked them to stop taking photos.

“Please do not take photos, we are changing clothes,” she said in Chinese. 

As the men put away their phones, the model thanked them in Chinese and continued modelling in lingerie and Victoria’s Secret’s-style signature wings.

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