Foreigner Shamelessly Reveals How Easy It Is to Hook Up With Girls in China

Foreigner Shamelessly Reveals How Easy It Is to Hook Up With Girls in China

March 13, 2017
A controversial video of an “American” man explaining how easy is to hook up with Chinese girls received many negative reactions from online users.
Taqu, a mobile app that sells sex toys online, produced a video which starred a white man claiming to be an American. The man named “Jack” said that he left his job as a farmer in the United States to become an English teacher in China. However, he was not interviewed because of his life story, but because of his experiences with Chinese girls
“It’s pretty easy to get a girl here in China, especially for night one stands,” Jack said blatantly.
He went over his tried and tested method on how to effortlessly pick up Chinese girls at a bar. Jack, who confessed to have hooked up with around 200 Chinese girls since his move four years ago, said that a foreigner only needs to sit and wait for girls to come.
“I’m sure that some girl will approach you because that’s how it always was with me,” he bragged.  
To prove his statement and erase the interviewer’s skepticism, Jack went straight in action. With a hidden camera focused on him while he was sat at a café, the video showed four Chinese women approaching “Jack”, getting his contact number, and even taking pictures with him.
However, what was noticeable from the beginning was the need to use a face mask and blur his face. Another thing that stood out was his not-so-very American accent, which one YouTuber commented that it could be a Hungarian accent.
The video already received 8 million views and has gotten so many hate comments. According to Shanghaiist, many locals were both upset by such foreigners who are taking advantage of the dating scene in China and the insulting video.
Watch the video below and tell us what you think.
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