Foreign Family Becomes ‘Tourist Attraction’ While Visiting China’s West Lake

A foreign family of six visiting a famous lake in eastern China became the tourist attraction themselves as locals swarmed to get their pictures.

The family, composed of a man, two women and three children, was stuck in the awkward encounter as strangers heckled them from all directions in the West Lake area of Hangzhou on Tuesday.


In the video, the family is seen sitting on benches as local tourists took turns posing with them for souvenir photos.

Others shot pictures of the family members alone.

The family was clearly uncomfortable with the unprecedented attention, with some members trying to ignore requests for pictures.

It’s unclear where they actually came from, or for how long they are visiting China for.

The unusual sight can be explained by reports that some parts of China, particularly small villages, still rarely see foreigners in person.

One local tourist was “disgusted” by the locals and called them out for their “inappropriate” behavior, Sina News noted.

Needless to say, many felt the same feeling of secondhand embarrassment.

Netizens slammed the tourists’ behavior (via Eastday):

“This really shows no class.”

“It’s 2018, haven’t these people seen foreigners?”

“This is very rude.”

“The foreigners look completely speechless.”

“It’s rude to take people’s pictures as if they’re animals.”

Images via Pear Video

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