Foodies Are Thinner and Healthier, According to New Study

Contrary to what one might expect of foodies who seem to constantly be eating and posting their meals on Instagram, they’re not gaining extraordinary amounts of weight.
A new study from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab says that adventurous eaters weigh less and tend to be healthier than their less adventurous culinary counterparts.
After surveying 502 women nationwide, Cornell’s researchers found that those who ate the most varied, atypical foods rated themselves as healthier eaters. The dishes they ate included kimchi, beef tongue, rabbit and seitan.
Brian Wansink, co-author of the study, said:
“Food neophiles have a lower BMI than people who don’t like a lot of food.
“There’s a real advantage to liking and trying a lot more food- it might even mean you have a lot more fun in life.”
The respondents also rated themselves as more physically active and concerned with how healthful their food is.
The study’s lead author, Lara Latimer, added:
“’They also reported being much more likely to have friends over for dinner.”
Wansink said he hopes the research will lead to new and exciting diets:
“These findings are important to dieters because they show that promoting adventurous eating may provide a way for people– especially women– to lose or maintain weight without feeling restricted by a strict diet.”
“It could kick start a more novel, fun and healthy life of food adventure.”
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