Food Truck Named ‘Poke Me Long Time’ Criticized for Racist and Sexist Name

Poke Me Long Time” is a food truck in Austin, Texas that has reportedly been raising eyebrows for its name that some have found to be insensitive and even borderline racist.

The store’s name, which plays upon the infamous phrase used degradingly for Vietnamese sex workers in the film “Full Metal Jacket”, is the brainchild of the owners, couple Kevin Randolph and Sherilyn Milch.

According to Austin 360, Randolph has admitted that the name was indeed intended to be a sexual innuendo but defended it from the racist tag, noting that his wife’s grandmother was born in Vietnam.

“My wife’s Asian. She owns this place, too. It’s not a racial thing. It’s more of a sexual thing, really,” Randolph was quoted as saying.

Asked how they came up with the name, Randolph shared:

“Oh, man. Honestly, we just got really stoned one night. I’m not gonna lie to you.”

Situated at 1606 E. Sixth St., the store was opened less than three months ago to be a healthier option to what’s currently available.

Randolph, who has worked in bar businesses for almost a decade, says he created the food truck with his wife to “help our community.”

According to Randolph, those who were upset about their store’s name are merely missing the point.

“Those are just closed-minded people,” Randolph said. “I’m not mad. But have an open mind; don’t have a closed mind. If you ever met us or talked to us on the phone, you’d know that’s a complete (BS) story. People want to take it there; don’t take it there.”

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