Foo Fighters Collaborates With Japanese Brewery to Release 2 Limited-Edition Sakes

Foo Fighters Collaborates With Japanese Brewery to Release 2 Limited-Edition SakesFoo Fighters Collaborates With Japanese Brewery to Release 2 Limited-Edition Sakes
American rock band Foo Fighters has teamed up with Japanese brewery Tatenokawa to release two limited-edition sakes to commemorate the release of their new album “Medicine at Midnight.”
The band announced the Foo Fighters x Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo sake on Tuesday via their YouTube channel with the latest track, “Shame Shame,” playing in the background, according to SoraNews24.
“To commemorate the release of “Medicine At Midnight”, Japanese sake brand ‘TATENOKAWA’ that produces top quality Junmai Daiginjo sake has collaborated with Foo Fighters,” the announcement reads. “Based on the preference of the sake-loving band members, TATENOKAWA has specially created two types of Daiginjo sake. Please enjoy ‘HANSHO (Midnight)’ while listening to their fantastic new album.”
Image via Tatenokawa
The limited-edition sakes are considered as junmai daiginjo, the highest-grade sake, and will come in two different variants: Foo Fighters x Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo Hansho Ao (“Hansho Ao” means “Midnight Blue”) and Foo Fighters × Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo Hansho Gin, which means “Midnight Silver.”
Image via Tatenokawa
The Midnight Blue variant is made up of Yamagata Prefecture’s 100% Dewa rice that has been polished to 50%. Tatenokawa said the Midnight Blue has a “gorgeous aroma with a gentle mouthfeel and light sweetness,” and adding this combination can “heal your daily fatigue and permeate your entire body.”
Image via Tatenokawa
While the Midnight Blue is based on Foo Fighters’ “pop side,” the Midnight Silver, on the other hand, is based on the band’s “rock side.”
The silver variant is made up of 50% polished Omachi rice from Okayama Prefecture, and it has a sharp aftertaste with a firm body that provides the drinker “vitality for tomorrow.”
The bottles will come in 720 milliliters (24.3 ounces) at a retail price of 3,080 yen ($29.66). Sake enthusiasts can grab a bottle or two starting Feb. 5 — the same day Foo Fighters is set to release their “Medicine at Midnight” album.
A “Foo Fighters × Tatenokawa Complete Box Set,” which will contain two variants of the sake and a copy of the band’s upcoming album, is also set for release. No official word on how much it will cost and when international shipping will be available yet.
The brewery was founded in 1832 and was later named “Castle Brook” (Tatenokawa) by the Lord of the local Shonai Clan, according to Tengu Sake.
Feature Image via Tatenokawa
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