Thieves Steal Cash Register From Iconic Tofu Shop in NY Chinatown

Fong On

Three thieves managed to steal the cash register of Fong On, an iconic tofu shop in New York City’s Chinatown, earlier this week.

The incident occurred on Division Street in Manhattan shortly after midnight on Monday, according to Bowery Boogie.

One of the suspects broke into the tofu shop by picking the door’s lock. The two other suspects stayed outside as lookouts.

One of the suspects took the shop’s cash register, which had around $300 inside.

In recently released surveillance footage, the thief wore a face mask and a hoodie.

Fong On first opened its doors in 1933 on Mott Street, making it one of the longest-running family-owned tofu businesses in the United States.

Owner Paul Eng thanked the community for its support in an Instagram post.

In other parts of Chinatown, various stores and restaurants have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and anti-Asian attacks.

Some Chinatown restaurants have permanently closed due to low numbers of customers and sales. Jing Fong, one of the largest dim sum restaurants in Chinatown, permanently closed its indoor dining room on March 7.

Feature Image Courtesy of Fong On via Bowery Boogie

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