Man’s Face is Broken in ‘Hate Attack’ Near Sacramento

Man’s Face is Broken in ‘Hate Attack’ Near SacramentoMan’s Face is Broken in ‘Hate Attack’ Near Sacramento
Ryan General
January 15, 2021
Authorities are looking into claims of a man who allegedly sustained serious injuries after being assaulted while visiting Folsom, California on Jan. 8.
Left for dead: Writing on his own GoFundMe page, Romey Kang claims he was attacked by “2-3 caucasian males in white shirts” near a residential area of Folsom’s Historic District last weekend.
  • Kang, who is recovering in a hospital, shared how he was found by a passerby on a sidewalk hours after the attack. 
  • “I am 99% sure it was a hate attack in these dark times,” he wrote. “They didn’t even take my wallet, any credit cars, phone or car. Just me.”
  • Kang already underwent one surgery with another operation scheduled later.
  • “My cheekbones are broken, they have plates behind them now, my hard palate and upper teeth were separated from the rest of my skull,” Kang revealed. “The doctors said it’s a miracle I didn’t have a brain injury.”
  • According to Kang, he lost most of his lower teeth and damaged his lower lip from the attack, leaving him looking like a “Halloween mask.”
  • “I was just informed by my doctor that I’m going to need another surgery in the next couple of days. My nose was too broken to put plates into, so my jaw isn’t aligning well at all,” Kang wrote in a recent update. “He’s going to wire my jaw shut for 4 weeks. After a month, I’ll need another surgery to get the wires removed. I understand there’s not a whole lot anyone can do to catch the people that did this to me, but any donation you can provide to get me through these 3 surgeries would be amazing. I truly appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers in this time.”
  • As of this writing, Kang has so far generated over $17,000 out of his $50,000 funding goal.
Ongoing investigation: The Folsom Police Department released a statement to the Folsom Telegraph, confirming a 911 call made by the victim at around 1:18 a.m. on Saturday. 
  • The statement noted that during the call, Kang reported that he was attacked during a robbery. 
  • Kang reportedly did not mention more than one suspect, saying he was attacked by a “white male adult with dark hair and wearing light colored clothing.” 
  • He was found by officers in the area of Scott and Canal Streets with no witnesses or bystanders present.
  • “Romey had been drinking alcohol and said he thought someone struck him in the head from behind as he was walking, but didn’t remember anything else about how he was injured,” Folsom Police Detective Melanie Catanio was quoted as saying.
  • Investigators sought surveillance footage from businesses in the area to help in identifying the suspect(s) but no footage has yet shown any indication of the incident.
  • “Several people who saw Romey prior to the 9-1-1 call were contacted and interviewed, but didn’t have additional information to provide, didn’t witness an attack and didn’t see anyone suspicious following Romey,” said Catanio. “At this time, there is no evidence of this being a hate crime or a robbery. The circumstances surrounding Romey’s injuries are unknown at this time.”
Anyone with useful information is urged to reach out to the Folsom Police Department at 916-355-7231.
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