Floyd Mayweather Once Tried to Race a Rival Boxer With His Private Jet

We all know that professional athletes can be extremely competitive even beyond their respective sports. Floyd Mayweather is not an exception.

In a recent interview with The Sun, former boxer Ricky Hatton, who lost by TKO to Mayweather in 2007, recounted a time Mayweather tried to race him in a private jet. They were both en route to New York via separate planes, but Mayweather became furious when Hatton’s plane took off first. Hatton told The Sun:

“A few minutes into the the journey, we’re chatting away, having a drink when the pilot gestures to me to come forward. ‘Hey Ricky, listen to this idiot.’ He turns on the speaker and over the radio I hear Floyd arguing with the pilot of his plane behind: ‘I’m not letting that motherfucker get there before me, fucking overtake them!’ ‘We can’t do that, Sir.’ ‘Overtake that motherfucker — I’m the champ. I’ve got to get to New York first. I’ll pay whatever you want.’ “

So, let’s get this straight: Hatton and Mayweather are going to the same place, Hatton’s plane takes off first, and Mayweather becomes enraged because he can’t stand being in “second place.”

Mayweather’s alleged ‘air-rage’ incident might just be crazier than the time Manny Pacquiao bet $350,000 on a crazy cockfight in the Philippines.

h/t: Complex
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