Floyd Mayweather Buys Used Ferrari Enzo for $3.2 Million, Plans to Sell for $3.8 Million

Boxer Floyd Mayweather doesn’t need any more money — he is the world’s highest-paid athlete, having made $300 million over the last 12 months, according to
Nevertheless, Mayweather, 38, wants to make even more money, millions actually, because he has just decided to sell his car, a Ferrari Enzo, of which only 400 were ever produced.
The car has only one previous owner, the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi. Mayweather bought the car for a cool $3.2 million just five months ago, in January, according to TMZ.
The knock-out boxer put about 194 miles on the super car and is now selling it at a higher price of $3.8 million. The Enzo is likely to sell, even at such a high cost, given the cache of Mayweather’s previous ownership and the desirability of the rare supercar.
Obi Okeke, owner of Fusion Luxury Motors in Los Angeles, told TMZ that Mayweather wants his Ferrari to sell quickly so that he can use the money to buy two more luxury cars. Okeke has sworn not to unveil the cars Mayweather might buy until he actually acquires them. But the dealership owner did say that the cars would be “extremely expensive and will shock everyone.”
Mayweather won’t miss the Ferrari. While it’s not clear how many cars he actually has on hand, he did say this past April that he owns vehicles worth a total of $15 million, which he safely stores in the garage of his Las Vegas home and which he never drives.
According to Towbin Motorcars, Mayweather has bought over 100 cars from the Las Vegas luxury dealership in the last 18 years, all of which he paid for in cash. Among the cars Mayweather owns are three $2 million Bugattis and 16 Rolls-Royces.
How many cars does Mayweather need? We might never know. What’s certain is that Mayweather can afford to buy an expensive luxury car at his whim, even in the middle of the night when a dealership is closed. As Jesika Towbin-Mansour of Towbin Motorcars explained to USA Today:
“We never know when Floyd will get the bug to come car shopping. It can even be in the middle of the night. There was one time that he gave us a call at two in the morning and of course we happily opened the store for him and he came in and bought a couple of cars.”
We’d love to see Mayweather’s garage so we can gawk at all the cars we’ll never afford.
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