Floating Water Park in the Philippines is Literally Made of Unicorns and Rainbows

An inflatable water park in the Philippines is going viral for its aesthetically pleasing pastel palette.

The park, which is called Inflatable Island, is located off the shore of Subic Bay in Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines.

Inflatable Island, dubbed, “the biggest floating playground in Asia” thanks to its 3,400 square meters (36,597 square feet) area, is the size of eight basketball courts put together side by side, according to its website.

There are many activities inside its floating obstacle course.

But the attraction that truly catches the attention of many netizens — especially those who like to take photos of places for Instagram — is the “Unicorn Island.”

It has a rainbow bridge, slippery slopes on one side and a mini jump and fly on another, as well as a wavy dinosaur and a seaunicorn appropriately named Climby.

The real star of this island, however, is Baba the unicorn.

The inflatable water park is only half of the beauty of Inflatable Island in Subic. The Bali Lounge, located on the shore of the beach, is covered in colorful umbrellas and beanbag chairs to rest on after a cool, adventure-filled afternoon.

There is also a floating screen on the beach!

The view is exhilarating!

Check out their Instagram to see more breathtaking photos.

Images via Instagram / InflatableIsland

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