Flight Attendant Spends $15,000 on Veterinarians to Save Beloved Dog

Flight Attendant Spends $15,000 on Veterinarians to Save Beloved Dog
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 1, 2018
A Singaporean flight attendant trying to seek treatment for her sick dog reportedly spent 20,000 Singapore dollars ($15,000) after consulting seven different veterinarians in the span of six months.
Huang Juan Li, a 47-year-old owner of a black Cocker spaniel, discovered in December last year that her pet of 12 years had suddenly fallen ill.
According to Zaobao via Straits Times, the dog’s condition worsened after Huang took the dog to various vets for treatment.
Previously owned by her friend, the dog became her constant companion as she was often tasked to look after it.
Huang eventually asked her friend if she could keep the dog as her own pet after falling in love with it. After her friend agreed, she happily brought the dog back to her house.
“This dog has character and isn’t friendly to just anyone. Somehow, it is very compatible with me,” Huang was quoted as saying. “It would rely on me for everything, and that was why I wanted to keep him.”
Huang noted that since her pet is now approximately around 80 years old in “human years,” it is prone to health issues. 
“Because it is so old now, once he has any sort of ailments, I get very worried,” she said.
When she first rushed the dog to an animal hospital, it was in a terrible condition.
Found to have a low red blood cell count, her dog was transferred to a specialized department. Following the initial treatment, the dog reportedly did not show any signs of recovery.
Out of desperation, Huang took her beloved pet to several different vet clinics and even bought pricey imported medicines in hopes of saving its life.
While she spent a total of around $15,000 after going to seven different vets, Huang said she has no regrets.
“My dog’s life is still a life. If there is hope, I will keep trying and never give up,” she said.
Huang’s efforts and perseverance eventually paid off by the beginning of May when the dog started to show signs of recovery. She said that her dog has regained its playfulness and energy.
“My dog is slowly recovering. This makes me feel that the time and money I spent were all worth it,” Huang concluded.
Featured Image via China Press
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