Flight Attendant Leaves Secret Notes For Her Passengers and the Results Are Amazing

A thoughtful flight attendant for a major airline based in Washington D.C. knows exactly how to make her passengers feel special. Taylor Tippett, who is originally from North Carolina, leaves handwritten notes with words of encouragement inside the seats’ safety cards in hopes that passengers will come across them.
Before doing so, Tippett tapes the slips of paper to the windows of the airplane and captures a photo. Her thoughtful notes of wisdom and motivation can be found on her Instagram account with the #wordsfromthewindowseat.
She has since amassed over 120,000 followers and inspired others to write similar notes.
Her creative project started nearly a year ago following her first #wordsfromthewindowseat post. Tippett shares her intention behind her notes in a mini documentary from Seeker Stores.
Her very first post was the quote, “You’re already invited,” from one of her favorite books called “How to Be An Explorer of the World by Keri Smith.” She told Seeker Stories: 
“You’re already invited to kill this day, to nail it, to have the best day ever.”
“It’s already set up for you, you just have to go do it.”
The American Air flight attendant had no idea what a world of difference her handwritten notes would make in the lives of others. She wrote in an Instagram post:
“When I started #wordsfromthewindowseat almost a year ago, I never in my life could have imagined it would turn into what it has become today.”
“I am overwhelmed with so much gratitude for the life I live and the story I get to tell. […] My little baby is growing and so many cool things are on the way.”
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