Shoppers Blown Away by Japanese Man’s Heartwarming Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Shoppers Blown Away by Japanese Man’s Heartwarming Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

May 7, 2019
Many shoppers at a mall in Brisbane, Australia had the chance of a lifetime to witness not just one, but two amazing events when a flash mob appeared, leading up to a very heartwarming public proposal.
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Motonori Kan, the lucky soon-to-be husband, popped the question on Sunday, May 5, to his girlfriend of five years, Emi Miyazaki. The event took place at the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane with the help of dancers from the local dance school Mad Dance House and was organized by The Proposal Guru, according to SoraNews24.
Just like any other flash mob dances, the people involved in the elaborate performance patiently wait in the sidelines before they enter for their part in Rihanna’s 2011 hit “We Found Love.” But as the song reaches the end, the dancers suddenly make space in the middle and there he was, Kan, standing at the other end as Miyazaki gasps in shock.
Thank you for waiting so long,” Kan said before kneeling to take out the ring and pop the question.
The question, of course, was met by a big yes from Miyazaki, and a big roar of applause and cheer from the crowd.
I wasn’t expecting it and when I was watching the performance I just thought wow, they are great, young dancers,” Miyazaki said, Brisbane Times reported. “When Moto appeared, I was completely confused but when I saw the ring I thought finally, it’s my turn.”
The couple first met at a friend’s house, and Kan knew then that it was love at first sight. While that may be the case, he admitted that he had to put in a lot of effort to make that happen.
She thought I wasn’t her type so yes, I had to work hard to win her heart,” Kan said. “I spoke English and she liked Western movies and music so she said she wanted to learn English. I told her I’d be glad to teach her for free of course and we then began to dine while I taught her.”
“Our love grew from there.”
“While most people prefer to propose in an intimate setting, Moto wanted to create something spectacular and unforgettable,” Aaron Hall, one of the owners of The Proposal Guru, said. “Moto reached out to us with one intention: to create the most romantic and impressive proposal to create a memory Emi will cherish forever.”
He also admitted that this has been the biggest flash mob the group has ever performed that involves the Mad Dance House.
The couple was overjoyed as their first trip to Australia would be a memorable one.
Brisbane is a great place for flash mob proposals, you have lots of sunshine and support from strangers,” Kan said.
Thank you so much for the warm support and I never expected this so I am so surprised and extremely happy,” Miyazaki said.
Images screenshot via YouTube / The Proposal Guru
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