Instagram Star Hijacks Asian American Kid’s Instagram, Gets Sued By Angry Asian Dad

Instagram meme-account “F**kjerry,” which has 12.5 million followers, is being sued by one father for making a deal with his 16-year-old son without his consent.

The lawsuit filed by Tom Chau claims that F**kjerry, which was first launched as a Tumblr page back in 2011, and its CEO, Elliot Tebele, seized control of his son’s account and thus owe him some revenue, TMZ reported.

In addition, Chau says that the deal should have ended in May 2017, but his son’s password remains changed after F**kjerry seized control of the account.

This is no petty Instagram war as Chau’s son, who goes by the handle @3.141592 — the first few digits of pi — holds some 2.6 million followers strong.

It is understood that Chau’s son is a genius at making memes, and F**kjerry wanted to post sponsored content on his page — each of which could cost at least $30,000, according to AdWeek. The father is now suing to take back control of his son’s account along with revenue that his son lost while F**kjerry had control of the account.

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