Taiwanese man takes pet fish for a walk with ingenious ‘fish stroller’

fish stroller
  • Jerry Huang of Taichung, Taiwan, has designed a “fish stroller” that allows small aquatic animals to explore a world beyond the water.
  • The invention consists of a cylindrical tank made from acrylic that is filled with water and set at the center of the wheeled unit.
  • The mobile aquarium gives Huang’s pet goldfish a 360-degree view of dry land, an experience he compares to the human interest of exploring space.
  • The stroller is also equipped with a battery-powered filtration and oxygen system as well as LED lighting.
  • Huang took weeks to design and build the stroller, which cost him somewhere between $300 and $400.

A Taiwanese man is making headlines for designing a brilliant solution to help small aquatic animals explore a world beyond the water.

Jerry Huang, who lives in Taichung, has invented what he calls a “fish stroller,” a mobile aquarium that has been turning heads whenever he takes his pet goldfish out for a walk.

The cylindrical tank, which is made of acrylic, sits at the center of the wheeled carrier, giving the fish a 360-degree view of the outside world.

The unit is also equipped with a battery-powered filtration and oxygen system, as well as LED lighting for trips in the dark.

“We all have this urge to explore other uninhabitable exotic worlds, that’s why we send spaceships to the universe,” Huang said. “If I were a goldfish, I would definitely be super thrilled if someone invented something for me to go and explore other worlds.”

Huang reportedly spent weeks building the stroller, which was the product of tedious research. “It’s not a spur of the moment thing. You need to understand the fish,” he added.

The stroller cost Huang between $300 and $400 to build.

“As a creator and inventor, I feel many things are possible,” he said.


Featured Image via AFP

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