Germany Finally Reveals First Twin Panda Cubs Born in the Country

Germany Finally Reveals First Twin Panda Cubs Born in the Country
Bryan Ke
January 31, 2020
Zoo Berlin in Germany finally showcased Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan, the first twin panda cubs to be born in the country, to the public.
The twins, who were born in captivity on Aug. 31, 2019, walked out with their mother Meng Meng during a press day on Wednesday, according to CNN.
On Thursday, they were displayed for the public to see.
“On this special day I would particularly like to thank the Zoo’s committed team of keepers, vets and biologists,” Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr. Andreas Knieriem said in a statement. “But I am also grateful to everyone else who contributed to the successful breeding of these wonderful bears here at Zoo Berlin.”
The zoo described Meng Xiang, who was nicknamed Pit, as “laid-back, dreamy and always ready for a nap.” His brother, Meng Yuan, is only 48 minutes younger than Pit. Nicknamed Paule, the younger cub is more active and is “known for his mischievous, inquisitive nature.”
Officials at Zoo Berlin are expecting a large surge of visitors to see the two panda cubs. In preparation, directors are already planning to open more ticket desks to avoid long queues. They have also arranged for security to guard the panda enclosure, AFP reported via The Jakarta Post.
The twin panda cubs, their mother, and father Jiao Qing are the only pandas currently visible in Germany. The two adult pandas arrived in the country in June 2017 as a loan from China.
Both Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan will stay at Zoo Berlin for their first year before returning to China.
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