First Indian and Indonesian K-Pop Idols Revealed in New Pictures

Up-and-coming K-Pop idols Priyanka, Vanya, Blink and Perry are the latest Z-stars members to have their teaser images released.

Z-Stars, the product of the ambitious Z-Pop Dream project, is the world’s first international “K-Pop group” with members chosen from different parts of Asia.

Priyanka (from India) and Vanya (from Indonesia) are part of the subgroup Z-Girls.


Meanwhile, Perry (from Taiwan) and Blink (from Thailand) are both part of the Z-Boys group.


Rookie idols Priyanka and Perry were both featured in white themed outfits and silver-colored accessories in the teaser images. Vanya and Blink, on the other hand, rocked their own stylish wardrobe in their photos.

Z-Girls released their debut track “What You Waiting For” on February 22 at the same day Z-Boys released their debut single “No Limit.” Z-Stars’ members, who made their debut in a special concert called “Z-Pop Dream Live In Seoul” on February 23 this year, are gearing up for their comeback as a unit with single Singing For You.” The teaser images hint of a July 29 release for the new song.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article misidentified Vanya as Cambodian.

Featured images via Instagram/zpop.project_official

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