He’s the First Openly-Gay K-Pop Idol in Korea

He’s the First Openly-Gay K-Pop Idol in KoreaHe’s the First Openly-Gay K-Pop Idol in Korea
Carl Samson
January 25, 2018
The first K-Pop idol to come out of the closet before his debut released his first single earlier this week!
first gay k-pop artist
Meet Holland, y’all.
first gay k-pop artist
On January 21, Holland dropped the music video for “Neverland”, a mellow, alternative R&B track that centers on the romance between two lovers as they go through life. We previously reported on Marshall Bang, a Korean-American being the first openly-gay singer in K-pop, but his sound is more distinctively alt-R&B than pop.
first gay k-pop artist
Look how adorable they are!
The video features a rare, same-sex kiss in the history of K-Pop, leading to a 19+ rating.
Throughout, we see him and his partner in a beautiful aesthetic that captures not only our eyes but our hearts.
And while he’s an independent artist, “Neverland” already hit one million views in the first 24 hours — a rare feat in K-Pop!
Following his debut, Holland officially joins South Korea’s small community of LGBTQ celebrities, including Hong Suk-chun and Harisu.
Congratulations on your debut, Holland! We look forward to your success!
Check out “Neverland” below:
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