Man Has Hilarious First Day at Work When He Thinks Flowers Were For Him. They Were Not.

The first day of work is typically a very difficult, stressful time period; you never know how things will work out. Jon Caña, a Filipino-American living in San Francisco, California, is a testament to that.

Caña, a digital marketer, had the best first day at work experience when he started working at Essence back in October.

It all went by smoothly. When he first came in, he found a gift box full of company swag as well as a card that made him feel very welcome, he said while speaking to BuzzFeed’s AM2DM.

To make things better, after coming back to his desk later that same day, Caña found a bouquet of flowers on his desk. Thinking it could be there by mistake since there was no card with it, he asked coworkers if they knew what it was for; but even the manager was oblivious to it.

I just assumed they were kind of part of this whole first day experience. I was like, ‘Wow, this day just keeps getting better and better,'” he told AM2DM.

And to preserve this touching memory, Caña decided to take a couple of pictures with the flowers, with the help of his manager.

He only found out the truth recently when he went to a company holiday party. His office manager told him that the flowers were actually for someone else.

The flowers were actually misplaced on my desk and they were meant for someone else,” he said, adding, “But they had seen me go around the office having this mini photo shoot and they just felt too bad to say anything.”

Some shared similar moments in their lives after reading Caña’s embarrassing, but hilarious moment.


One user even suggested he turn this into a company tradition.

Featured image via Twitter / JonQuiQui

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