Businessman Becomes the First Chinese Chief In Nigeria

A Chinese businessman has been bestowed the honor of becoming a “chief” of a region in northwestern Nigeria.

With the title, entrepreneur Mike Zhang has been designated as the leader of his fellow Chinese living in the state of Kano, Shanghaiist reports.

Zhang was appointed as “Wakilin Yan China” at a ceremony in the Gidan Rumfa, the palace of the “Emir of Kano,” a figure of religious and cultural authority in the region.

Although there have been other foreigners who were appointed as chiefs in Kano, Zhang is the first Chinese man to be given the title.

Mike Zhang has been bestowed the honor of becoming a the first Chinese chief of a region in northwestern Nigeria.

His appointment is seen as a response to some of the issues concerning the many Chinese nationals who have set up businesses in Kano.  

The absence of organized leadership among the Chinese immigrants in the state has reportedly led to some problems that locals were unable to solve in the past.

With his new title, Zhang faces a tough task ahead as there has been an increase of resentment towards the growing number of Chinese immigrants in Nigeria.

Among his first orders of business is keeping the peace between Chinese and local entrepreneurs who have been complaining of unfair business practices by some of the foreign traders.

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