Chinese Firefighter Wows the Internet With His Immense Appetite for Instant Noodles

Chinese Firefighter Wows the Internet With His Immense Appetite for Instant Noodles

July 28, 2016
A handsome young firefighter made jaws drop after photos of him swallowing mouthfuls of instant noodles surfaced online.
The Chinese firefighter, Bu Wenming, has been attracting attention for the impressive amount of instant noodles that he can stomach. NetEase reported that before the incident, Bu and the rest of his fire fighting team had been partaking in intensive training which lasted for two days.
The crew was working non-stop and finally returned to the station at 2 a.m. in the morning. Ravenous from a hard day’s work, the firefighters loaded up on instant noodles to satiate their hunger. Apparently, it was the only thing on the menu.
A number of them couldn’t finish their noodles so they poured the leftovers into one large silver bowl. Bu was still hungry after devouring his initial meal and continued onto the large bowl.
His coworkers were amused by the sight and snapped photos of Bu going to town on his bowl of instant noodles. These eventually made their way online where netizens could also gawk at Bu and his noodles.
When Bu was asked how he could eat so much, he admitted that he really wasn’t a big guy. However, the intense training and work left him exhausted and in need of some power fuel. Eating a lot of food gives him the energy he needs to continue his work as a firefighter. 
Bu has been dubbed the “Instant Noodle Brother” by fans online. However, some netizens were sympathetic for Bu and his fellow firefighters. One person wrote:
“Why do the firefighters only get to eat instant noodles? They’ve been working for two days straight, so the chef should have at least cooked up some dishes for them.”
Another echoed a similar sentiment:
“Please, at least add some eggs! Is the station really so poor that it can’t afford two eggs for each firefighter who risks his life to save people?”
They bring up a good point given as instant noodles aren’t known to be the healthiest of foods. A Harvard study revealed just how much damage instant noodles can do to your body.
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