‘Fire Dog’ Donald Trump is in for a Rough Year According to His Chinese Zodiac

‘Fire Dog’ Donald Trump is in for a Rough Year According to His Chinese Zodiac‘Fire Dog’ Donald Trump is in for a Rough Year According to His Chinese Zodiac
Ever wondered why Donald Trump is the way he is?
According to Chinese astrologers, this is somehow connected to him being born in the year 1946, reports South China Morning Post.
In the Chinese calendar, his birth year lands on Year of the Fire Dog, which Chinese astrologer and feng shui practitioner Louis Wong says, makes him “hot-tempered, talkative and not in harmony with others”.
Incidentally, 2018 is also under the same zodiac animal (shengxiao), which could mean a rough year not only for the POTUS, but for his administration as well. 
Wong noted that as the 2018 Year of the Earth Dog is ruled by the elements of earth and fire, the combination will result in conflicts for the American president.
“For the coming year, Donald Trump will still be at the center of arguments within the White House, and between different countries,” noted Wong, who operates feng shui consultancy Sky Fortune in Hong Kong.

“His colleagues in the White House will resign very frequently. The harmony in his office will not be good … but I think he will still stay in his position for at least two to three years, no problem.”
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Chinese astrologer Clarice Chan agrees, even attributing Trump’s notoriously disruptive personality to his astrological birth chart.
“Fire Dogs are generally very ambitious, driven and energetic,” the Singapore-based expert said. “They can be good leaders but they can also be very judgemental, stubborn and resistant to change.”
Chan explained that Trump veers away from popular opinion and follows mainly his beliefs. He also reportedly is not afraid to fail and is willing to take a lot of risks. She predicts that his “unconventional way of thinking” will result in making it very difficult for him” to get along with the people, even with those around him. 
Chan further foresees a major political crisis within the Trump administration in 2018.
“The opposition party is really going to fight him this year,” she says. “If he is more flexible and tones down his approach, it is likely he will stay on as president. But if he is very forceful, he will face trouble.”
Trump’s problems, as both experts noted, are not limited to the United States as being the US president entails a responsibility beyond his country.
“Now, there is harmony between North and South Korea because of the Olympic Games, but in the third quarter of this year there might be some other political crises,” Wong claims.
Both Chan and Wong predicted that October could be his most trying month, but they also mentioned July and April to be quite difficult for him.
“He will face a lot of problems in international relations,” Chan says. “I think the North Korean crisis will continue, but the Dog year of 2018 is meant to be a harmonious year, so I don’t think it will build up to an explosive event.”
While Trump has been proclaimed to be of perfect health by his personal physician, Wong sees Trump having some problems with his kidneys.
Feature Image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0), Wikimedia Commons/Fanghong (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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