Filipinos Can’t Unsee K-Drama Actor Jang Ki Yong as Filipino Comedian John Lapus

Jang Ki Yong, star of popular television series “Confession Couple” and “Come and Hug Me,” may have found his doppelganger in the Philippines.

The Saranghe Oppa recently compared the 25-year-old model-turned-actor from South Korea to Filipino comedian John Lapus and the result is difficult to unsee.

The popular Korean drama fan page from the Philippines posted a photo of the South Korean heartthrob along with an image of the 44-year-old actor known locally by his nickname “Sweet.”

“I really can’t move on from an old tweet which claimed that whenever the character Namgil appears on Go Back Couple, all she/he sees is John Lapus,” the post roughly translated in English from Filipino.

While the post may have been created in jest, many netizens did find a striking resemblance between the two. Some, however, lamented that watching Jang’s shows will never be the same since they will be reminded of the openly gay Filipino star known for his usual flamboyant on-screen character.

Lapus jokingly acknowledged the similarity by posting his own side by side photo comparison on Instagram with the caption, “Yes! We are like siblings!”

He also added the hashtag, “I’m prettier in person.”  

Like Lapus, Jang has a huge Filipino following due to the K-drama imports that are popular in the country, including “Confession Couple” which is shown locally as “Go Back Couple” via the ABS-CBN network.

Featured Image via The Saranghe Oppa

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